WordPress Maintenance and Security Service

WordPress Maintenance & Security

Keep your WordPress Website updated and safe

Is your WordPress website a potential security breach waiting to happen?

Over 90% of WordPress hacking incidents stem from outdated components—core files, themes, or plugins. Don’t let your digital presence become a vulnerable target.

Running on outdated versions not only exposes you to security threats but also risks functionality breakdowns. Why risk it for only a few dollars a day?

With our WordPress maintenance & security service, you’re not just securing your website—you’re investing in the protection of your online reputation.

Proactive Monitoring
We identify and neutralize potential threats before they become problems.

Timely Updates
Stay ahead of the curve with daily checks and regular updates.

Performance Monitoring
We monitor your site’s performance, ensuring it runs seamlessly for your visitors.

With our WordPress maintenance & security service, you're not just securing your website—you're investing in the protection of your online reputation.

Stay Ahead of Breaches
Stay Ahead of Breaches

Your website is more than just a collection of pages—it’s a vital business asset to your. Imagine if your website suddenly went down, was defaced, or was redirected. The consequences to your business reputation could be substantial.

Daily Vigilance, Reliable Defense
Daily Vigilance, Reliable Defense

With patches and fixes released daily, staying updated is not just a good practice—it’s practically required. Don’t let your site fall behind. Let our dedicated team keep a watchful eye on your WordPress website, monitoring for potential threats and anomalies.

Invest Wisely
Invest Wisely

You’ve invested significantly in your WordPress website—let us safeguard your investment by preventing unauthorized logins, installing critical updates, security patches, and functionality enhancements to the WordPress core, themes, and plugins, scanning for malware, making regular offsite backups of your website, as well as handling regular content updates.

Your Business, Our Priority
Your Business, Our Priority

Your time is valuable, and it’s probably better spent on growing your business. Let us take the worry out of website safety and security, so you can focus on what you do best.

Clients Love Our WordPress Security Service


“We value your judgement and are thankful that we have you keeping our website safe from intruders.” – Tim M., Chief Technology Officer, Brentwood, Tn

Ready to level up your WordPress defenses?

Plans start at only $299 a month for basic websites. E-commerce and enterprise-level websites require advanced monitoring and a custom quote. Please inquire.
Frequently Asked Questions
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My site isn't big or important. Why would a hacker target me?
Most hackers don’t care. They just want control of your site. Either to embarrass you or redirect your site somewhere else to make them money. Either way, it’s not a good look when your site is defaced or hijacked.
Why is updating important? I haven't updated in a while and my site still looks fine and works fine...
It looks fine and works, until it doesn’t. And the best-case scenario is that your WordPress Website simply stops working properly. The worst-case scenario is that a flaw or hole in an old component is exploited and your Website is compromised or, worse, defaced, hijacked, redirected, or held for ransom. It’s not a matter of if, but when.
Do you offer reporting?
All plans include some level of reporting. As you go up in plan levels, the reporting becomes more detailed and specific. Please inquire.
Isn't my site already protected via a password?
Many WordPress Websites, mine included, are attacked hundreds of times a day. Most attacks are by bots, but some are by competitors and folks who look to hold a site for ransom or harm another’s reputation. Either way, the best defense is a good offense. I will not get into systems that we use here, but clients will always know the particular defenses we employ to keep their sites safe.

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