All-Inclusive WordPress Website Subscription Plans


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All-Inclusive WordPress Subscription Plans

Take the stress out of planning & budgeting for your WordPress website with our “everything included” subscription plans. Never worry about large or unexpected bills or the cost of a new feature, request, or website redesign ever again because everything is included.

WordPress websites just don’t get any easier. Included in all plans:

  • Initial build or redesign included
  • WordPress theme of your choice included
  • Foundational SEO included
  • Daily ongoing maintenance & security included
  • Unlimited updates
  • Unlimited feature requests
  • Priority turnaround
  • Free strategy calls
  • Free site redesign
  • Discount on custom marketing content
  • Custom & multi-site plans available
Frequently Asked Questions
How do you include all of this?
After over 20 years of Web design and SEO work, we’ve learned how to deliver quality work efficiently. But we’ve also learned how to work smarter, not harder. Suffice it to say, there is not a lot of fine print. But the main thing we do require is an 18-24 month minimum contract for all subscription plans. This ensures that the generous system (especially the unlimited free updates & feature requests and the free redesign benefits) is not be abused.
How are updates and requests handled?
You simply send your requests in to your project manager where they are vetted and added to your queue. They will be completed and delivered one by one. Most requests are completed in 1-2 business days, but more complex requests can take longer. Emergency requests take priority over all others and will be dealt with first.
Do you offer multi-site discounts?
Yes. We have several clients who maintain multiple websites with us. When pricing out multiple websites, we look at the size and complexity of each to arrive at a custom package discount.
What if I don't want a subscription? Can I get just a website build?
Of course! If a WordPress subscription is not for you, we still offer our traditional à la carte WordPress web design that you can get with or without our WordPress maintenance and security and WordPress search engine optimization (SEO) services. We started offering the subscription service because it not only bundles all of our services together, it also lowers the cost of entry and price per month to give a lot of bang for the buck. Most of our clients have chosen to go this route but if it is not for you, we have plenty of other options.
Can I build a one page website?
Yes. One-page Websites can be very effective. When pricing them out, we would look at how many sections comprise the page to arrive at a final price.
Who owns my domain/website content/etc?
You always own everything. While we will need access to do work on your behalf, you can revoke that access at any time. We never own your domains or hosting or themes so you are never beholden to us for anything.

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