WordPress SEO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

WordPress SEO FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Search Engine Optimization

Who is SEO good for?
Search engine optimization is good for literally any business, but the following businesses tend see the most benefit: 1. Any Website or business that drives sales through inbound leads, 2. Real estate and mortgage professionals, medical and dental practices, med spas, financial service providers, banking, accounting, insurance and legal firms, SaaS and subscription-based services, etc. 3. E-commerce stores. 4. High-dollar sales sales businesses and collectibles like real estate, automobiles, jewelry, memorabilia items, etc. 5. Consulting services and high-touch services like wealth advisors, accountants, CPAs, lawyers, dentists, medical professionals, med spas, personal trainers, music lessons, etc. 6. Local businesses looking to increase sales or foot traffic to a physical location or book more appointments: Restaurants, coffee shops, hair & nail salons, med spas, retail stores, gyms, car detailing services, photography studios, landscapers, snow removal services, tax preparers, etc.
Why is SEO so expensive?
Depending on what you sell and what your average sale is worth, SEO can be a very smart business investment. My goal is to drive traffic to your Website and ultimately get you more sales (or customers, traffic, downloads, etc.). And once momentum is reached, many of my SEO clients find the price of SEO is rather low compared to the increase in sales.
How do I know what my monthly cost will be?
As you can imagine, the lone dog walker in Lotsee, Oklahoma (population 6) and a top-notch real estate agent in New York City would have very different SEO strategies. What works for one will not work for the other. So we will get on a call and talk about your industry, your competition, your niche, and what—if anything—has already been done for SEO on your Website. Based on this info, we come up with a custom strategy for your unique goals.
Can you guarantee that I will appear #1 on the search results for a particular term or overtake a particular competitor?
No reputable search engine optimization company or consultant will ever promise to rank your business number one on the search engine results page or above any particular business because we do not control Google’s algorithms or many other factors affecting SEO. There is no way to guarantee anything in SEO without doing something nefarious. And I do not deal in nefarious or so-called ‘black hat” SEO. My SEO work is tried and true and Google-approved. I’d love to guarantee it; but I simply cannot. That being said, I have yet to work with a business where I was unable to improve its ranking results.
Do I really need SEO?
Almost 90% of people search for products on Google before they buy. If a potential customer cannot find you, they cannot contact you. 🤷 Further, depending on your average sale and margin, your ROI could be substantial and more than pay for the SEO. This is why some clients gladly spend $5,000 or more a month on SEO. When done properly, SEO is worth its weight in gold. But it is very time consuming and takes a while to work. It is not a magic bullet and it does not work overnight. You have to be prepared for this and we will discuss this in depth on our initial call. 
What are your SEO qualifications?
I have been working in SEO since 2004 and I am very passionate about it. I’ve trained using Google’s self-published guidelines and once even installed a Google search appliance for a previous employer. I also devote a lot of time to SEO for my own business because I know how powerful it is for acquiring new clients. You can Google “Nashville WordPress SEO” and you should see my site at the #1 or #2 position (right after all the paid ads). I outrank some pretty fancy local SEO companies with large payrolls and even larger revenues. I also rank very well on the first page for a search of “Nashville WordPress Website design”—outranking several companies that have 50x the employees and 1,000x the resources of my SEO company.
Does SEO really require months to work?
Yes. In order to be effective, SEO needs consistent attention and is a long-term strategy for growth and ROI. It takes a lot of work to map out a solid strategy and consistently measure results in order to adapt to the market, your competition, and to the ever-changing search engines guidelines themselves.
Isn't my Website already optimized for Google?
No. If you hire me for SEO services and a direct, local competitor comes to me for the same keywords or key phrases, I will politely decline your competitor’s business as it is a conflict of interest for me. I cannot help you while at the same time helping them. All the more reason to hire me before your competition does. (Not including Google My Business directory listings.)
Can I mix and match pieces from other plans?
Possibly, but not always. There is some flexibility built in to all of our plans because all of our SEO strategies are custom. So let’s jump on a call to talk about your project and see what we can work out.
Do you offer reporting?
All of our monthly SEO plans include some reporting. As you go up in plan levels, the reporting becomes more frequent, detailed, insightful, and actionable. Please inquire.

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